Skiing Holidays

Skiing Holidays

First-time skiers generally have a lot of questions when planning their skiing holidays, especially in terms of ski equipment. However, the equipment can be rather pricey so it is best for skiers to have an idea of whether they will rent or buy their equipment before jetting off to exhilarating skiing holidays on the slopes.

Skiing Equipment: Buying vs. Renting

Whether a skier buys or rents mainly depends on how often the person goes on skiing holidays and if they are a beginning or an advanced skier. It is recommended that beginners rent their ski equipment instead of purchasing it. Considering the fact that ski equipment is pricey and if one only uses it several times, buying the equipment does not make financial sense for most people. Renting is a better idea if the skier spends a lot of time developing their skills and will quickly need to upgrade their equipment. On the other hand, experienced skiers that frequently take skiing holidays are best served by purchasing equipment because they will use the same equipment for a long period of time. Plus, they will not have to deal with the hassle of renting what they need at the ski shop each time they go skiing.

Where to Rent Ski Equipment

While on skiing holidays, skiers have two choices as to where to rent equipment – a ski shop near the travellers' home or at the actual ski resort. A lot of local ski shops have rental packages that include ski boots, poles and skis for the entire winter season. Seasonal rental packages are an excellent value for those who plan to go on multiple skiing holidays per year. Travellers who decide to take their children on holiday with them will find that seasonal packages are a great buy because children quickly outgrow their equipment. Renting at a local shop is usually less expensive than renting equipment at the resort.

On the other hand, renting locally requires travellers to make arrangements for transporting their equipment to their skiing holidays, which is not a problem when renting at the resort. Another benefit of resort renting is that if the traveller has issues with their equipment, such as ill-fitting boots, they can exchange the equipment at little to no cost. There are even resort equipment rental shops that allow customers to store their skis, poles and boots for free. Always check with the resort in advance to find out if free storage is a provided service.

Equipment Included in Rental Packages

Nearly all rental packages include boots, poles and skis. Customers usually are allowed the choice between basic and high-performance skis. High-performance skis are commonly known as “demo models” because those types of skis are not only for rent but also for sale. Another kind of item available for rent are ski helmets, which more and more skiers use each year. Even though helmets do not remove the physical dangers are skiing, they are proven to prevent some serious injuries on the slopes.

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