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Banff Skiing Holidays

Lake Louise, Mount Norquay and Sunshine Village are the three main ski areas in Banff, Alberta. Each of these ski resorts are unique; however, Mount Norquay is the closest to Banff out of all three Banff skiing holidays resorts and is located only 15 minutes away by car.

Banff Skiing Holidays: Lake Louise

While Lake Louise has a relatively large skiing area, the trails are not suited for beginning skiers. However, both intermediate and advanced skiers enjoy the slopes on when going to Louise for Banff skiing holidays. For new skiers, Lake Louise offers an initial learning are that includes a t-bar lift. Although the t-bar lift gives many newbies trouble, it can usually be mastered anywhere from 1-3 days. Lake Louise also provides many trails designed for novices but many beginning skiers seem to have considerable difficulty due to the hard-packed, artificial snow found on Lake Louise's mountain front side. However, the small trail that runs down the mountain's backside does not have the same hard-snow problem.

Banff Skiing Holidays: Mount Norquay

The trails at Mount Norquay attract many locals and ski racers who enjoy steep, fall-line slopes, which are what Mount Norquay, Banff skiing holidays revolve around. Even though Norquay boasts a quaint yet spacious lodge with a relatively peaceful ski area, the slopes are not designed for those with little skiing experience. Most people, except for skilled parallel skiers, find the Norquay trails to be rather intimidating. This ski resort is truly meant for advanced skiers who are looking for challenging, hard-packed trails that are bumpy and steep.

Banff Skiing Holidays: Sunshine Village

The Sunshine Village resort is fairly close to Banff, located West of Lake Louise on Highway 1. Total drive time from Banff to Sunshine Village is about 30 minutes. Upon arrival, skiers must park their vehicle at the car park and ride Sunshine's gondola in order to get to the ski area. Normally, the entire gondola ride lasts almost 20 minutes. During the colder weather in December and January, Sunshine will delay the start of the gondola in the morning to prevent a mechanical freeze and when the weather is too windy, the gondola ride may take longer.

Between the months of December and May, the Sunshine Village trails are in top form and skiing conditions are at their best. This is attributed to Sunshine's high altitude and location, which are much like the conditions experienced at highly elevated European ski resorts. The majority of visitors to Sunshine Village instantly become drawn to its scenery, trails and light snow. In comparison to the trails found in US and European resorts, this Canada resort's size is about average and its trails are ideal for all skiers except experts. Seasoned skiers who have visited a wide variety of ski resorts may not be too impressed by the offerings at Sunshine because the resort's trails are somewhat short and are not very steep. The one exception is the trail, Delirium Drive; however, this trail experiences many closes due to safety reasons.

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