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Canadian Ski Resorts

Because Canada sees plenty of snowfall throughout the year, it is a prime candidate for premium ski holidays. Tons of ski aficionados visit Canadian ski resorts each year due to the sheer amount of choices available to them. And because of the numerous ski resorts that dot the country, a lot of travellers go on active searches to find the absolute best Canadian ski resorts the country has to offer.

While this may be impossible to definitively determine, many ski experts argue that the best resorts can be found Quebec and British Columbia. Although there may be plenty of other excellent ski resorts in Canada, the four listed in the article are certainly some of the finest. Those who stay at one of the following resorts can rest assured they will get plenty for their money and will not be disappointed.



Kicking Horse Resort

When it comes to Canadian ski resorts, the Kicking Horse Resort in British Columbia hosts the Rockie's most amazing verticals. The tranquil scenery in the Purcell Range and the powdery snow make this resort the destination of choice for for many ski enthusiasts.

Le Massif Resort

The Le Massif Resort is considered to be miniature in size with only 1.7 square kilometres of skiable terrain, skiers should not assume the trails at Le Massif do not pose a challenge. As a matter of fact, this resort is tailored to advanced skiers as opposed to novices even though there are a few trails that beginners can safely venture down. There is plenty to do nearby when not exploring Canadian ski resorts due to Le Massif's close location to Quebec City. Although this resort's mainstay is skiing and not much else, skiers local to the area are quite fond of this place.

Mont Tremblant Resort

Mont Tremblant in Quebec is only one hour away from Montreal by car. This is one of the many Canadian ski resorts that offers something for every type of visitor. This resort is quite large in comparison to the Kicking Horse and Le Massif and it attracts numerous tourists throughout the ski season; however, Mont Tremblant is on the pricey side. But because of its large size, travellers can enjoy plenty of ski slopes and lifts as well as full village at the mountain's bottom that provides a wide array of shopping choices for not only tourists but also locals.

Whistler-Blackcomb Resort

One cannot speak of Canadian ski resorts without mentioning the behemoth Whistler-Blackcomb Resort that resulted in the 1997 marriage of two separate resorts – Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. This ski giant is a two-hour drive from Vancouver and boasts a whopping 32.37 square kilometres of ski trails and slopes, which means that visitors will find the perfect challenge regardless of their skill level. The resort's village is well-equipped at catering to the whims of its tourists while the dining establishments and lodgings are award winning. And even though Whistler-Blackcomb is certainly a crowded hotspot, it is a destination every skier must experience at least once in their lifetime.

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