Skiing Holidays

Low Cost Skiing Holidays

Ski holidays can be quite expensive, especially for those who decide to travel to resorts outside of their own country. Even the price of rental equipment is steep. After factoring in lodging, food, beverages, lift fees and ski equipment, the cost is considerable even for people who decide to travel to one of the many fantastic ski destinations in Canada. Obviously, skiing is not an affordable hobby for everyone; however, low cost skiing holidays can be had if one knows how to slash the price. Low cost skiing holidays are possible for those who will not or cannot spend a small fortune to hit the slopes. As long as one can be flexible and spend some time researching, they can enjoy the low cost skiing holidays of their dreams without sacrificing their savings.

Stay at Nearby Hotels

Low cost skiing holidays do not require travellers to sacrifice comfortable, and even luxury, accommodations in the name of saving money. Even though staying at a ski resort where the slopes are literally on the other side of the door is every skier's dream, this type of accommodation is very expensive. If saving money is top priority, the skier should consider booking a room at a nearby hotel. Hotels that are not located on the slopes have less expensive room prices and even discount their ski packages and room rates as a way to entice visitors to stay at their hotel. In addition, these hotels oftentimes provide a shuttle service to transport visitors to the slopes for rock bottom prices and sometimes at no cost. While staying at one of these hotels means it will take longer to reach the ski slopes, travellers can still enjoy equal quality accommodations while enjoying low cost skiing holidays.

Taking the Road Less Travelled

Another way to find low cost skiing holidays is to stay at ski resorts that attract less tourists. These types of accommodations and their ski tickets usually cost less than the well-known ski resorts. This is an ideal option for anyone wanting to enjoy low cost skiing holidays at a slower pace. Because these ski resorts host less travellers throughout the year than “name brand” resorts, off-the-trail resorts have less people on their slopes at any given time.

Group Rate Discounts

Group rate discounts are a popular way to save money for those wanting low cost skiing holidays. Ski resorts and hotels many times provide group discounts for those who make reservations far enough in advance. Hotels usually require groups to contain at least three people to qualify for a discount. Anyone who cannot find ski travel companions should look into a ski club in their area; however, travellers should be advised that they may have to be flexible as they must plan around club scheduled ski holidays. For those who are willing to be flexible and do not mind going on a holiday with a group of people can enjoy low cost skiing holidays that save them 10-20 percent off the entire price of their trip.

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