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Skiing Holidays Banff

Both Sunshine Village and Lake Louise are two Skiing holidays Banff, Alberta locations found in Banff National Park. Regardless of the skiing holidays Banff location a traveller decides to visit, the trails and scenery promise not to disappoint.

Skiing Holidays Banff: Sunshine Village

The skiing holidays Banff, Sunshine Village boasts 13.35 square kilometres of terrain that are spread out over three different mountains, all of which get over nine meters of snowfall annually. Considering the relatively small crowds that frequent Sunshine Village, this amount of terrain is quite large and can be accessed via a total of 12 lifts that include eight super lifts, three traditional lifts and one high-speed gondola.

The ski season at Sunshine begins in November and ends in May. This resort's base elevation measures 1658.11 metres and its top elevation measures 2729.18 metres. Skiers of all levels can get something out of the 107 runs at Sunshine, with approximately half being dedicated to intermediate skiers. Those who want to try their hand at snowboarding will enjoy the snowboard terrain park at Sunshine. With Banff being located only 15 minutes from Sunshine Village, an exciting nightlife and many shops are a short drive away. There is most certainly something for everyone who takes a skiing holidays Banff, Sunshine Village trip.

Skiing Holidays Banff: Lake Louise

The Lake Louise Mountain Resort is another ski resort located in Banff National Park. This resort is nestled in the southern are of Slate Range Mountain's Merlin Ridge, which is renowned for having the arguably the most breathtaking and majestic scenery in all of Alberta. The Pipestone River, a tributary of Bow River, lines Lake Louise's base. Because of this resort's nearby location to some of Canada's natural treasures, many backpackers and hikers visit the area during the ski off-season.

In regards to actual skiing on skiing holidays Banff, Lake Louise, there are many excellent facilities and modern lifts that allow visitors to access all of the ski slopes. Out of the 139 runs at Lake Louise, approximately one-fourth are devoted to novice skiers while almost one-third are meant for experts and the remaining for intermediate skiers. Riders travelling in groups enjoy Louise's terrain park as well as each of the four all-service ski lodges where they can eat and rest after a day of skiing.

The mountain's base elevation of 1645.92 metres and summit elevation of 2637.12 metres give alpine skiers 991.21 metres of vertical change. Overall, the Lake Louise resort receives 4.6 metres of snowfall per year, which beautifully covers the resort's 17 square kilometres of ski terrain. Skiers can get from point to point on the slopes via one of the resort's nine modern lifts that include one triple lift, one grip quad chair, two high-speed quad chairs, one six-passenger chair and one gondola. Even during the ski off-season, travellers to skiing holidays Banff, Lake Louise can ride the gondola all year long to see the sites of natural springs, glaciers and even wildlife such as bears.

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