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Skiing Holidays Canada

Skiing holidays Canada trips are not always the easiest to plan when travelling with children. This is why a family ski holiday should be well thought out and planned with the entire family in mind. Those who want to bring their children along for skiing holidays Canada trips need to consider the following points before embarking.

Reasonable Expectations for Young Skiers

The main point to consider in regards to children on skiing holidays Canada trips is the amount of time they can reasonably spend skiing each day. Although older children and teenagers can keep up with their parents during lengthy times on the slopes, smaller children will only be able to ski 1-2 hours per day before getting tired. So choose wisely as to resort and the child skiing lessons provided by the resort.

Private Lessons vs. Ski School

Even though many skiing holidays Canada resorts provide ski lessons to children as young as three years old, not many children that age are equipped to deal with a structured class. For children below the age of five, the best lessons are short lessons that allow the child to drop out penalty free if they cannot cope.

Even though private lessons are more costly, children will benefit from an in-depth, personally-tailored ski instruction experience where the child has the instructor's undivided attention. Usually, the ski student will ride down the slopes with the instructor in tow and eventually, the child will be able to hold the poles on their own. Even though price is an important factor, parents should also seek an instructor with an impeccable reputation. If an instructor comes highly recommended, book his or her services as quickly as possible.

Skiing Holidays Canada Resorts for Families

There are numerous skiing holidays Canada resorts that are ideal for families. The resort chosen by the parents should be determined by whether or not the parents will require a childcare facility on site as well as the ages and skill levels of all their children. Many resorts provide childcare for either half the day or the entire day, both with or without ski lessons. If the structured environment of a childcare facility does not suit the child, most resorts can provide parents with contact information for private nannies. An additional option is to travel with another family so both families can take turns providing childcare.

Entertaining the Children

Even if the child likes to ski, they will not want to spend their entire holiday on the slopes. Top-notch skiing holidays Canada resorts understand this, which is why they offer families a wide variety of entertainment options and leisure activities. Some resorts provide ice skating, sledding, indoor swimming pools and activities geared toward children. There are even resorts that offer children free pony rides; it all depends on where the skiers plan to stay. In addition to checking out a resort's amenities, be sure to consider the various transfer times, flight times and the resort's overall height in order to ensure there will be adequate snow powder for a pleasant skiing experience.

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