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Skiing Holidays Europe

Skiing holidays Europe trips are an excellent way to pass the time during the winter. As long as one chooses the right destination, they will have a good chance at having a wonderful experience on the slopes. The following are just five of the many great places to travel to for skiing holidays Europe, especially for novice skiers.

1: Cortina, Italy

Even though novice skiers have little to no experience on the slopes, they should still be able to enjoy first-class ski slopes. As far as Italian ski resorts go, Cortina is top-notch. This resort has unbelievable scenery with views that span over the Dolomites. The beginner slopes have gentle, long gradient cruise runs, which are perfect for new skiers. In addition, Cortina boasts skilled instructors who are highly capable of dealing with nervous children and adults.

2 & 3: Gurgl-Obergurgl, Austria and Lech, Austria

The Gurgl-Obergurgl in Austria boasts reliable snowfall as well as a charming village-like atmosphere. Most of the Gurgl-Obergurgl's visitors are those who return year after year, which attests to its success. However, this resort is not known for having a wild nightlife or a wide array of challenging runs.

The Lech resort in Austria is Gurgl-Obergurgl's polar opposite. Lech was built to cater to those who prefer a chic, stylish and rich atmosphere during their skiing holidays Europe trip. Because of its high cost, Lech maintains its alpine resort atmosphere with an active nightlife. This resort offers excellent ski schools equipped with English-speaking instructors as well as many trails perfect for skiers still in the learning process. The slopes' positions allow them to enjoy maximum snow and sun exposure, which makes for the perfect novice conditions. In comparison to other skiing holidays Europe destinations, Lech has a long snow season. Also, travellers can ski half-priced during Lech's "Snow Crystal" weeks at both ends of its ski season.

4: Kranjska, Slovenia

Anyone searching for unique skiing holidays Europe experience should give Kranjska a try. This beautiful ski town in Slovenia lies near the Austrian and Italian border. The runs in this small resort are undemanding and long, which make Kranjska a great place for new skiers to practice their skills and more experienced skiers to enjoy ski slopes that are a little different from the run-of-the-mill slopes in Europe. One plus to Slovenia is its lower cost of leaving, meaning ski prices are less expensive.

5: Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen enjoys a reputation for being among the most highly regarded and well-known skiing holidays Europe spots. Their ski school is second to none and instructors have years of experience helping students learn faster and better. The beginner's ski slopes are situated directly in the centre of Wengen's village; these runs are gentle, long and allow the novice skier to quickly develop confidence. However, Wengen is notorious for its rather low altitude as its unreliable snowfall. In addition, the entire ski scene is not terribly exciting so younger skiers will have to be creative in terms of finding entertainment.

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