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Skiing Holidays in Europe

In order to enjoy skiing holidays in Europe, one must make the right decision in terms of the specific destination they will choose to visit. For new skiers, this task may be rather daunting considering all of the locations in Europe from which they can pick. In terms of skiing holidays in Europe, the five on this list should not be overlooked.

1: Bansko, Bulgaria

The beautiful Bansko resort in Bulgaria caters to beginning skiers on a budget who enjoy an excellent value for their money as well as a ski atmosphere that is relaxing. Bansko is known for its modern lift system and novice trails that are gentle and measure no more than 16 kilometres long. Although Bansko has ski trails for expert skiers, 65 percent of their slopes are meant for beginning and intermediate skiers. Because this town was formed in the 10th century, it is steeped in history and tourists will enjoy many interesting attractions. However, sophisticated entertainment and dining options are not available in this town.

2: Chatel, France

The Chatel resort is located in a section of France's Portes du Soleil, which is the biggest ski area in the world. Those staying at the Chatel for their skiing holidays in Europe will have numerous runs from which to choose, despite their skill level. Because Chatel sits near Geneva airport, access to the resort is easy and rather inexpensive. Beginners will like the fact that they also have plenty of novice trails and instructors for guidance. Due to its size, Chatel has a wide range of accommodations, some of which are even positioned near the ski lifts and on the slopes.

3: Glenshee, Scotland

Out of all the destinations for skiing holidays in Europe, Glenshee has the biggest lift system in all of the United Kingdom. Glenshee contains 36 trails that are meant for beginning and intermediate skiers. The Cairnwell Chairlift gives visitors amazing panoramic views of the Cairngorms. But even though the resort itself has a convenient location, the snowfall is not reliable and the slopes are rather crowded with day skiers.

4 & 5: Poiana Brasov, Romania and Soldeu, Andorra

Those who want a lot for their money and plenty of space on the slopes should visit Poiana Brasov for their skiing holidays in Europe. Although they are underrated, the ski slopes in East Europe are quite excellent and the word is starting to spread. Poiana Brasov even offers two daycares as well as many friendly ski instructors. For those wishing to see the sites between runs, Dracula's castle is a short distance away.

Soldeu is a highly popular skiing holidays in Europe destination among novice skiers who wish to learn in a less crowded, reasonably priced environment before testing their skills on the more trendy slopes in Europe. Experienced skiers need to be aware that Soldeu has trails that cater to those with limited skiing skills. Visitors enjoy the decent ski schools, reliable weather and pleasant nightlife. On a side note, Andorra offers duty-free shopping, which means cheap shopping for all who visit.

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