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Skiing Holidays Whistler

Some first-time visitors to the Whistler ski resort in British Columbia, Canada are blown away by the total expense of skiing holidays Whistler trips. However, the mountain vista views, luxury accommodations and unparalleled restaurants make Whistler worth every dollar spent. Of course, price-conscious visitors can use the following tips to save money while still enjoying all that skiing holidays Whistler trips have to offer.

Visit During Seasonal Lift Ticket Dates

The price for skiing holidays Whistler lift tickets is completely dependent upon the season in which travellers visit. Some people have saved several hundred dollars by simply switching their travel plans a few days sooner or later. Those who plan to start their visit to Whistler during an inexpensive season date and finish their visit during an expensive season can ride and ski at the inexpensive season dates.

Allow Dens and Lofts to Serve as Extra Bedrooms

Dens and lofts can act as comfortable, extra bedrooms for those looking to save money during skiing holidays Whistler trips. This option should not be overlooked because renting a two-bedroom house with a loft space instead of a standard three-bedroom house can save the renter up to several thousand dollars.

Alternatives to Slope-Side, or Ski-In and Ski-Out, Accommodations

For those on skiing holidays, Whistler provides a superb, totally free shuttle system that travels throughout the majority of Whistler Village as well as the gondola bases. All the amenities at Whistler are only a short ride away via shuttle; this allows people to rent accommodations off the slope while still being close to the slopes. Those who must stay slope-side should keep in mind that this accommodation location is only valuable during high-snow seasons. Downloading stays in effect during April, November and December, which means slope-side stayers will pay the same price for poor ski-in and ski-out conditions as well as high snow powder seasons.

Van Chartering and Limo Sharing

Thanks to the free shuttles at the resort, many skiing holidays Whistler visitors find that it is unnecessary to rent a car. Instead of renting a car, travellers should consider van chartering and limo sharing as two viable alternatives. Both options are less expensive as opposed to riding a bus or renting a car for those travelling with a group of people.

Be Aware of Common Skiing Holidays Whistler Scams

Even though there are plenty of Whistler promotions available, some of them seem too perfect or have hidden stipulations. Travellers should be wary of:

* Undisclosed nightly parking fees
* Any prices that are quoted per person instead of at a rental property's maximum sleeping capacity
* Amazing deals that instantly become sold out, forcing the traveller to call the company who will try to upsell the traveller
* Undisclosed sales taxes such as a non-refundable, 10-percent sales tax
* Booking a property without being given the property's name until the traveller either pays for the property or has taken possession of the property for the agreed upon time. This practice is called "blind booking."

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