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Whistler Skiing Holidays

Whistler skiing holidays at the Whistler, British Columbia ski resort offer travellers an array of wonderful accommodations in the Whistler area. Perhaps the most difficult choice is deciding which one of the many luxury Whistler chalets, condos, townhouses and other rentals to stay at while taking Whistler skiing holidays.

Whistler Skiing Holidays: Activities

The Whistler resort in British Columbia is among the largest ski resorts in all of North America. Also, Whistler boasts one of the world's tallest vertical ski runs. In addition, this resort consists of not only the Whistler mountains bu also the Blackcomb mountains, both of which are connected at the peaks by a gondola. Following its initial opening in 1966, Whistler went through a huge expansion programme, making it the top contender in Vancouver's bid to be the 2010 Winter Olympic host.

Because of the resort's physical location, Whistler has some of the world's best snow levels, allowing the resort to stay open eight months out of the year so visitors can enjoy Whistler skiing holidays from the beginning of June to the end of November. There are many trails and terrains to cater to new and experienced skiers.

In addition to skiing, visitors to Whistler can drive snowmobiles, sled with dogs and even zip trek. The main point of attraction, besides the slopes, at Whistler is the Whistler village. This village allows pedestrians only and offers plenty of restaurants, shops, parks and water features.

Whistler Skiing Holidays: Amenities

The first point to consider is the amenities available at the various accommodations in Whistler. When searching for rental listings, travellers will be able to see which of the lodgings offer luxuries like saunas and hot tubs. There are even some rentals that offer decks and barbeques for grilling out. These days visitors to Whistler can also enjoy lavish five bedroom, five bathroom rental homes that include plenty of storage as well as a refrigerator, freezer and other modern appliances. Most places offer various types of communication outlets such as landline telephones and high-speed and wireless Internet access. For those who seek indoor entertainment, look for rentals with home stereos and flat-screen televisions.

Whistler Skiing Holidays: Aesthetics

The aesthetics of a Whistler chalet or condo are also important to consider. To attract new visitors, many accommodations lavishly decorate and periodically renovate their rooms. And those with mountain views cannot be beat. The exterior and interior view of most Whistler lodgings can be seen on the Internet because a lot of visitors like to post photographs of their own personal experiences at Whistler. Wood fireplaces and other rustic details can give chalet and townhouse lodgings a warm and inviting feel.

Whistler Skiing Holidays: Online Research

Take a look at all the travel online directories to see pictorial reviews in order to get a true feel for each Whistler property available for rent. Once a traveller finds a property that catches their eye and has all the amenities for which they are looking, get the contact information from the summary below.

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